Chapter 12 - Aircraft Accident/Incident Prevention

12-1 General

The philosophy of Accident Prevention in the opinion of JCAAmanagement takes 3 measures:

a.   Flight Safety Directorate Functions:

  1. Quality of Human Resources
    JCAAInspectors qualifications should be higher than or, at least, thesame as Industry Inspectors’ and qualification. This requirement is based on ICAO Documents’ recommendations. Thus, DGCAA has approved Accident Prevention Program Number One.
    This program lays out a procedure to qualify JCAA Inspectors in both technical and administrative fields and to be at least at the level of Industry or higher. It was translated to a plan and under execution in year 2006.
  2. Systemize All Flight Safety Functions
    All flight safety functions such as certification of persons / operators / products, inspections, surveillance, audits, accident investigation recommendations follow up and all related matters are tabulated in written procedural manners to insure that the person, operator and / or the product has not been released to service unless all the necessary steps have been completed with satisfactory results.
  3. Enforcement Action
    The enforcement action is a necessary tool that will be used by JCAAto correct a situation which can not be corrected otherwise. In this case, no action is taken unless full legal investigation is completed after the conclusion of the technical investigation. 

b.    Controllability of the Accident Investigation Recommendation

When the report is received by Director FSD, it is his responsibility to follow up its compliance and / or adherence by the concerned sides. He should estimate the required time for complying and completing each recommendation. However, it is his responsibility, also, to inform Director AAIU about the recommendation follow up steps adopted and completed by his Directorate in reasonable time, but not later than three months of report receipt. For any reason, if the recommendation can not be completed, Director FSD should justify this situation for Director AAIU. In this case, a report should be raised to DGCAA.

c.    Education

Every 6 months, a meeting should be held to discuss the training and education needs for JCAA staff, aviation industry public and any interested person in the field of flight safety and accident investigation. The meeting should be initiated by Director AAIU and headed by DGCAA or his representative.

Its members are:

  • Director AAIU 
  • Director FSD
  • Director Developing and Planning, and
  • Any concerned person decided by DGCAA

The subject of the meeting and its discussion, usually, should be based on the classification of accident / incident causes and its prevention as per Accident Prevention Manual ICAO Document 9422. Accordingly, a suitable training and educational program should be established and adopted for the next calendar year.


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