Chapter 11 - Public Release of Accident and Incident Information

11-1 Public release

11-2 Public hearing

11-3 Legal proceedings


Public Release ofAccident and Incident Information

11-1 Public release

  1. Release of accident or incident information to the news media is the responsibility of DGCAA who will appoint a representative from AAIU to supply such information.

In any case, the release of information to the News Media should agree with the public interests as per article 140 (b) of Jordan Civil Aviation Law No. 50 of 1985.

  1. information should not be released if it would or could reasonably be expected to interfere with the investigation effort.
  2. The above information release guidelines are not intended to restrict free exchange of factual information between individuals, organizations such as product manufacturers (airframe, engines, etc.), or industry organizations that are part of the investigating team.
  3. Information released for news media should be authorized by AAIU IIC.
  4. Investigation information shall not be released prematurely, e.g. information on the functioning of navigational aids before a flight check is completed.

11-2 Public hearing

  1. Uponcompletion of the report and distribution to the concernedsides, a presentation may be held by AAIU IIC, subject to DGCAA order / approval, to the public or the concerned people.

The following are the subjects to be presented:

    1. Repot information including information, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.         
    2. Any actions are taken during the investigation.
    3. Any correspondences.
    4. Any requested prompt actions.
    5. Investigation constraints.

  1. b.If any of the attendants introduced his objection about any point in the report, the presenter should review the objection and evaluate it, if the objection seemed valid, he should put a note and try to answer it later, if he couldn’t answer in the presentation time.
  2. c.The presentation should be in a complete manner, and introduced by using the most suitable means, Power Point Software Program may be used.
  1. The Accident Investigation Report that prepared by AAIU is to be considered as a technical expertise document for legal proceedings.
  2. In case of legal proceeding initiation, the Legal Advisor of JCAA will coordinate with AAIU, and he will be Accredited Legal Liaison between JCAA and the Administrative Public Attorney.


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