Chapter 9-Accident Investigation Records

9.1 Opening the Record9.1 Opening the Record

Upon notification about aircraft accident / incident , and notification of the investigation team by Director AAIU, AAIU IIC shall open a file and give it a number, which should indicate the occurrence (A: Accident, I: Incident), the serial number and the year of occurrence. E.G.: I 02/1999 (Incident No. 2 occurred in 1999)

9.2 Records.

  1. All the record data are to be put in a covering sheet of the report, Report Covering Sheet Form (Form. No. 31-10, appendix 2).
  2. If the investigation is to be delegated to FSD or Airport Ground Operations, the numbering is to be as point (a) in this paragraph.
  3. After completing the investigation, all papers, appendices, preliminary and final report, and all pertinent correspondences are to be filed with the same file number.
  4. Files are to be of carton folders type kept in a special closet.
  5.  A list contains all accident / incident files are to be established and updated for statistical purposes.
  6. The keys of the cabinet are to be kept with the investigators and secretary ONLY.


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