Chapter 2 — Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit/Policy


The establishment of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit aims to achieve a dependable, reliable, safe and organized development of the civil aviation.


  1. Accident / Incident prevention in order to keep the souls and properties and minimize suffer and improve the public trust for the civil aviation safety.
  2. Publishing an aviation culture based on the correct understanding of the flight safety.
  3. Establishing a dependable prevention program.
  4. Pointing out the environmental conditions and establishing recommendations to avoid and eliminate the obstacles ceasing the civil aviation safety development.


  1. Aircraft Accident/Incident investigation, analysis and finding the probable cause/s.
  2.  Notify the State of Registry, Operator, and Manufacturer of the aircraft involved. Notification should include as early as possible, all of the information specified in ICAO Annex 13, but should not be delayed due to lack of data.
  3. Maintain and sustain open channels with the high management regarding the flight safety matters.
  4. Assure that JCAR Part 2201; Aircraft Accident Investigation is amended in accordance to Annex 13 amendments.
  5. Recommend the amendment of Civil Aviation Regulations in order to comply with Civil Aviation policy and international Standard Practices prescribed by ICAO.
  6. Point out the deficiencies in the navigation systems and recommend for amendments.
  7. Establish a data base for the accidents/incidents in order to analyze and point out the causes and recommend for corrective actions
  8. Increase, the efforts of improving communication between the concerned people.
  9. Evaluate the level of the Flight Safety and point out the deficiencies in the Safety Directorates in order to support them by supplying the relevant expertise, facilities, technical references…etc for the purpose of accident prevention.
  10. Represent the State in ICAO and any other conferences relating to accident prevention.
  11. Coordinate with other safety related parties at both local and international levels.
  12. Prepare and analyze proposals for amendments and to accomplish the technical publications and new studies regarding accident investigation techniques
  13. Provide recommendations and follow up their implementation.


Legislations & Regulations